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SOFT HANDS ON MOSSY ROCKS is an exhibition of research, ideas and artworks by EllieBarrett and Kerry Tenbey. All of the things around us pulsate. Material stores energies, ripe for mining. Stuff we come intodaily contact with absorbs… Read More


In 2020, during Covid-19, Abingdon Studios presented a series of invited artist talks. Meanwhile… in partnership with Grundy Art Gallery, LeftCoast and Blackpool School of Arts is pleased to present this permanent digital archive, encapsulating the essence of… Read More

Continuation and/or duration: Margrethe Aanestad & Elin Melberg

PREVIEW EVENING 24 OCT 7-9PM Refreshments provided “Conceptually the works will revolve around abstract expressions of universal existential themes, such as contrast and dualities between fragility and strength, the eternal and ephemeral, and the liminal space where the… Read More

Harry Clayton-Wright: The Fortnight

Across 14 days, Harry Clayton-Wright presented 14 brand new eight hour performance pieces. Each day involved its own persona, its own world. Each piece experimented with the different ways in which people stage themselves over time. Reflecting on… Read More


  JOYRIDE: Bethany Costerd, Sarah Louise Hawkins and Daniel Newsham Private View: Feb 08, 6 -8pm / open until 22 Feb by appointment. Joyride is a new? exhibition featuring new works by artists Bethany Costerd, Sarah Louise Hawkins… Read More

Alison J Carr: Felicity Means Happiness

  Allie Carr?Felicity Means Happiness Preview 13 Sept, 6 – 8pm Felicity Means Happiness is video work that tells the story of a 98-year old former chorus girl. Alison J Carr interviewed Felicity about her time as a… Read More

ELBOWS AT DAWN | Matt Antoniak & Matt Wilkinson

Elbows at Dawn Matt Antoniak | Matt Wilkinson Preview: Thursday 10 May 6 ?? 8pm 11 May ?? 27 May Abingdon Studios 14 Abingdon Street Blackpool FY1 1DE M I L K are pleased to present Elbows at… Read More


PREVIEW THU 15 MAR 6-8PM Laura Barnes | Jack Brown | Brendan Bunting | Tao Lashley-Burnley | Ann Carragher | Bethany Costerd | Tina Dempsey | Joseph Doubtfire | Ian Doughty | Pippa Eason | Garth Gratrix |… Read More

Alan Baker: The Line Between

Alan Baker The Line Between Preview took place Thu 22 Feb, 2018 ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ??     Alan Baker is an artist based in Shropshire who specialises in drawing and sculpture. Having completed… Read More

The Abingdon Experiment

Polly Tomlinson & Paul Bramley Preview took place: JAN 2018 The nature of this collaboration at Abingdon Studios Project Space (ASPS) was to provide exceptional opportunity for presenting individuals works in new and unexpected ways. The Abingdon Experiment… Read More