14 Abingdon Street, Blackpool, FY1 4DE info@abingdonstudios.co.uk


My process involves exploring the urban environment, its infrastructure and the landscape. I’m interested in the role of public space, the social interactions it facilitates, and its transformations that happen over time.

I use photography to map found situations to create an archive of references. These personal experiences of spaces, places and textures are translated into drawings and sculptures that reproduce my observations, edited by memory and imagination.

When I’m drawing I usually work with quantity; this practice derives from drawings made in notebooks where shapes and forms repeat themselves in different moments and the seriality of pages creates an abstract narrative.

Recently I’ve been researching man-made objects and materials used to create artificial landscapes such as rock gardens. In the studio, I’m experimenting with glass fibre reinforced concrete, combined with fragments of crowd control barriers, metal chains, cable ties and sand bags to develop a series of sculptures. They are ‘rockified’ anthropomorphic objects that relate to each other and the space to create their own harmony and state of being.

Born 1988, Santos, Brazil. Lives and works between the United Kingdom and Brazil. Gustavo Ferro is a visual artist interested in the urban environment and the relationship between the human body and man-made objects. Currently he is developing a project supported by Arts Council England in Blackpool, UK.

In 2019 Gustavo participated in the event Bar Camp, part of the Political Animal conference in Glasgow, organised by the Centre of Contemporary Art in partnership with Glasgow School of Art; in the same year he also produced several collaborative exhibitions in the UK with members of the roaming art programme The School of the Damned. In 2018 he was recipient of a fellowship to explore ideas of drawing and domesticity at SqW:Lab in Mumbai, India; and in the same year he presented his work at the symposium Frame Works: Social Innovation in Planning for the Built Environment at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. In 2016 he participated in a residency at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, followed by a solo show at SWG3 Gallery, part of a project funded by the British Council and Creative Scotland. In 2010 he was awarded a grant from the AECID to undertake a residency at Centre de Producció Hangar in Barcelona, Spain. Gustavo also has participated in several exhibitions in Brazil and travelled to Argentina and Ecuador for art residencies.