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Materials have an invisible way of communicating with people and surroundings. They make us feel, they remind us of experiences, they can feel familiar and alive.

Through the process of enquiry, experimentation and play, my practice explores our understanding of materials and meaning.

I am interested in the vibrancy of materials and the role of materials as communicators. As we navigate our daily lives, we are part of a vast, invisible network of connections with our environment and we engage in the transfer of social, cultural and political knowledge stored within structures and objects. My research investigates how this can shape an individual or a community.

Kerry Tenbey is a North West based Artist/Maker/Teacher.

Tenbey is currently funded by a National lottery Project Grant from Arts Council England. More on Material Art Network

For more info, please visit:

Instagram: @kerrytenbey

Website: www.kerrytenbey.com

Email: ktenbey@gmail.com