14 Abingdon Street, Blackpool, FY1 4DE info@abingdonstudios.co.uk

Ride Your Pony No.4

21 Oct – 10 Nov 2021

Curated by Marie Jones, Garth Gratrix & Kerry Tenbey

Exhibiting Artists and assigned letters of the alphabet:

A- Abby Sumner | B- Charlotte Cullen | C- Rebecca Wild & Michael May | D- George Gibson | E- Klaire Doyle

F- Niki Colclough & Michael Tan | G- Jonathan Beaver | H- Joseph Cotgrave | I- Laura Parke | J- Linny Venables

K- Sam Venables | L- Khairullah Rahim | M- Elizabeth Jackson | N- Daisy James | O- Hannah Dinsdale

P- Bethan Jayne | Q- Reece Adair | R- Camille Relet | S- Veronkia Neukirch | T- Rosalie Wood | U- Matthew Dowell

V- Matthew Merrick | W- Sam Owen Hull | X- Katherine Plumb | Y- Amrit Randhawa | Z- Rebekah Beasley

Ride Your Pony No.4: Blackpool was supported through National Lottery Project Grant funding provided by Arts Council England.