14 Abingdon Street, Blackpool, FY1 4DE info@abingdonstudios.co.uk


I have been in a relationship with the coast all my life, but the events of 2021 pinned me to my coastal location with nothing but time to encourage closer investigation. Daily visits brought about the realisation that help within this landscape, deep time sits upon the surface. Epic stories of creation, destruction and evolution are revealed and concealed with every tide.

My work is of the sea. Being on the edge creates a space where the present falls away and layers of time are exposed for investigation. Walking and wandering along the coast, colour, texture and pattern are collected along with all manner of flotsam, jetsam and geological specimens. Building my understanding of the coastal landscape and nurturing my connection with it.

Collected artefacts open up new narratives of the natural and geological landscape, informing the drawings, paintings and prints that shape my multi-layered, sculptural collages and installations.
Archives of paper charting my practice mix and meld to form sedimentary works where each layer holds its own story and invites the viewer to experience the coast through my eyes.