14 Abingdon Street, Blackpool, FY1 4DE info@abingdonstudios.co.uk


My practice is a process of examining sorrow and joy, exploring what triggers them, how they affect us and questioning how we might navigate these emotions in our modern, media saturated, lives. Incorporating humour, honesty, reality & the ridiculous.

Works are composed from a process of self-reflection from personal experiences of sorrow and joy and from the daily minutiae that captures my attention. These fragments are drawn, collaged, painted, printed and photographed to generate collections of colour, pattern, form & language that are re-appropriated into aesthetically charged compositions to energise and engage both the viewer and the space they occupy.

Outcomes vary from small paper-based collages and paintings to large scale site-specific installations, responding to the time and space in which they were created.

Materials and colour are of huge importance to me, paint, paper, wood, text & textiles encourage playful, spontaneous experimentation. A sense of ebb & flow is formed from the delicacy of paper contrasted against the strength and utilitarian properties of wood, the flow and rhythm of painted brushstrokes against the order and stability of text.

Ultimately my work aims to explore ?what art can do?? To make us feel something, to question what makes us feel good & bad, to encourage reflection and balance and to consider how we can improve our personal well-being and those around us.