14 Abingdon Street, Blackpool, FY1 4DE info@abingdonstudios.co.uk


Originally from Northern Ireland, Ann Carragher has lived and worked in Blackpool for the last 14yrs, she is currently employed as a Lecturer in Fine Art at the Blackpool School of Creative Arts.

Ann’s visual art practice is relative to numerous typologies – mixed and multi-media lens based/sound/installation.

Implicitly inherent in her work is the idea of ‘place and space’; the ‘idea’ essentially refers to myths of implicitly gendered binary oppositions and the evidence of superiority and relegation within history.

Recent work addresses states of ‘in-betweeness’ and ‘liminality’, relative to landscape and the architectural/ urban environment.

She presents works that weave together notions of loss and lament, by exploring the ambiguous and allusive qualities that manifest (physically and psychologically) in the intersection between space, place, mobility and memory.

Border’s, hinterlands, thresholds (architectural proximities and adjacencies) are a recurring theme, where the past, present and future are conflated, mediating on paradoxes between materiality and the evanescence, alluding to uncertainties and anxieties of our time – a temporal and ephemeral metamorphic.