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Descent to Kilgrimol Rx



The opening night will have a performance/ritual at 7pm by Sammy.

‘Descent to Kilgrimol Rx’ is an exhibition of new paintings, publication and performance by Sammy Paloma, made during the 2022 Work/Leisure residency programme.

The exhibition explores grief rituals such as the Gaelic tradition of keening women, the German folk figure of the Geldscheisser (Gold Shitter), tarot and Blackpool’s own history of fortune-tellers, as well as a local legend around the disappearance of Kilgrimol.

The legend of Kilgrimol describes the disappearance of the chapel and graveyard that stood at the boundary of Lytham St Annes up until the 12th century, telling of how the earth opened up and swallowed the place whole.

The exhibition builds upon this legend – reimagining the graveyard and its inhabitants as still existing in a mythological underground, Kilgrimol Rx – a resting place for The Outcast Dead. To aid in this descent to Kilgrimol Rx, Sammy casts Cool Spot, the titular character from the 1993 Sega MegaDrive platform game, as psychopomp.

The opening night will have a performance/ritual at 7pm by Sammy.

Sammy Paloma is an artist & witch living in Bristol, UK. She paints, tattoos, and writes poems. Her work is into listening to faeries, how divination disturbs linear time, grief rituals and necromancy.

Her book length poem about Bigfoot, There’s Always Things Falling Out The Sky, a collaboration with Roxy Topia & Paddy Gould, was published last year with Pink Sands Studio. A few places her work has been published, shown or performed over the years are Art Licks Magazine (2022), Folklore For Resistance Zine (2022), Herstory Festival, Exeter (2022), Mayfest, Bristol (2022), Caraboo Projects, Bristol (2021), Cambridge Literary Review (2021), Modern Queers (2021), Radmin Festival, Bristol (2019), Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire (2019), Outpost, Norwich (2018), Hauser & Wirth, Somerset (2017), Res., London (2016), Five Years, London (2015). From 2014-2019 Tom Prater and her co-edited the artist-led journal, Doggerland.

You can find out more about Sammy’s practice here: https://cavendishgroup.hotglue.me/